About Us

How LadyJeepers.com was born!
I want to share with you the story of LadyJeepers.com and welcome you to jump in and join me on this Trail together.

We NEED LadyJeepers.com
I love going to all the Off-Road events. Spending time with great people, meeting new people and enjoying the trails.

I sat at camp at one of our BIG Off-Road events after a terrible "ladies only trail ride." I was disappointed as I always looked forward to the "Ladies Rides" at our events......but this one was a life changing moment! It was the moment that I realized we, as ladies, need one place to go and to get education, build our knowledge and learn in a SAFE and Empowering Environment!!

I was sitting at camp with some other AMAZING ladies and we started talking. One such amazing lady was in tears after how terrible her ladies ride was........
"No one told me I needed to airdown my tires!
Or disconnect my sway bar,
or NOT to keep my lockers on the entire ride.

It was miserable!! I could hardly steer, the Jeep rode so rough it was miserable and I didn't enjoy it at all. I honestly want to just sell my Jeep because this whole Jeep thing is obviously not for me!"
A couple other ladies chimed in and talked about all the bad experiences they had had on other guided rides or at other events with people on the trails. How hard it was to learn and the sarcastic and unpleasant....in fact down right disrespectful experiences they had had.

As we continued to talk my frustration continued to grow. This is ridiculous.....this is NOT how this should be! I have gained so much and transformed into this New Me all through the feeling I get in my Jeep. This is not creating the same joy and excitement and giving other ladies the opportunity to Love this and feel the power behind the wheel like I have. That is the moment that started the movement to begin LadyJeepers.com.

I went home from that event. Still thinking about all our conversations, the emotions, the negative feelings and the dis-empowerment that filled these ladies in different moments of their Jeep journeys. I hated it! I was angry! I was frustrated! There had to be an answer!
And there is! To create the movement and give every lady a place to go to learn, gain knowledge, get training and education and the entire time Empowering the Power that we feel inside ourselves as we gain Confidence and harness the feeling behind the Wheel for ourselves.

Instead of scrolling and searching through hours of Google, Youtube and articles. Because in reality if you don't know what it is you need to learn you don't know exactly what to search for. Everyone starts out somewhere.....everyone starts not knowing enough to know how to learn. BUT that is OK.

My goal is remedy that problem by bringing EVERYTHING you need to know into ONE PLACE, with easy to understand teaching and education. (No hard to understand super technical teaching. After all we have to know how to do it and understand what we are doing even with the mechanical and tech so it feels easy and we know we can do it!) ALL aspects means starting at the very basics and working up. Starting with using 4 wheel drive all the way up to picking lines and understanding track width in driving on the trail. Designing your Jeep build with the understanding and knowledge of the parts and how modifications work with other parts of your Jeep all the way up to how to do the Modifications and Mechanical in a build. This program starts from the very first step of driving your Jeep off the lot for the first time Jeep owner through the things you need to know and understand in having a trail only built rig to do extreme trail riding with. This program and the information continues to grow daily, as learning is a never ending process to knowledge.

Not knowing who to listen to because there are so many different opinions and everyone seems to have their own way they do things and think it should be done makes it hard to know which piece of information to listen to and follow. I am bringing you forward proven information from professionals in the Off-Road industry that I have known for 10+ years and that I TRUST! The confidence in knowing you are getting the right training and knowledge is a key to building confidence and squashing confusion and uncertainty.

My goal is to create a community of kind, supportive and uplifting ladies.....all together on this journey through education together. We can learn together, grow together and build our confidence in our abilities in a SAFE and EMPOWERING knowledge based program and space TOGETHER!
I believe the sky is the limit of what we can do and accomplish together! All while creating an educated group of ladies who love going out and enjoying their Jeep.