Rausch Creek, PA Practice Makes Perfect 201

Registration for The LadyJeepers.com 201 Event


Rausch Creek Off-Road, PA

Friday, July 12th - Sunday, July 14th

Join us for the Ladyjeepers.com Practice Makes Perfect 201 event.

A minimum of 33" tires are required & some trail riding experience are required.

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in PA. We are happy to spend 3 full days; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with you!

Friday is a half-day of educational training and a half-day of trail riding together. (Badge trail #11)

Saturday is a half-day of educational training and a half-day of trail training together. (Badge - Crawler Ridge)

Sunday is trail riding & trail training together.

You get help every step of the way!


We provide all the equipment that you will need for our hands-on learning for the weekend. Bring your Jeep, yourself, and a smile.

Lunch is included on Friday. Passes for the park are included, as well as a year's Membership to Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. Tent Camping is included in Registration.

All participants must have a state-issued, valid driver’s license. All Jeeps must be registered, tagged, and insured.

Disclaimer: Taking your vehicle off-road and trail riding has inherent risks. LadyJeepers.com follows industry standards in education, etiquette, and driving while off-road. LadyJeepers.com cannot guarantee there is no risk including damage to your Jeep, breakage of parts, mechanical failures, fire, or personal or bodily harm. You acknowledge and assume all risks. Before taking your Jeep off-road or attending an off-road weekend contact your insurance company for coverage and your personal vehicle policy coverages. LadyJeepers.com assumes no liability for persons or vehicles.

*** EVENT POLICY ** No Refund

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