Basic Tools Needed For Your Jeep

When you want to start wrenching on some things on your Jeep yourself, the question “What tools do I need?” always comes up. We have created a list below of some basic ones you can keep in your tool bag. There will always be more to add, but this should get you started!

  • Set of US standard & metric combination wrenches. A combination wrench is an open wrench on one side and a box end wrench on the other.


  • You will need sockets & a ratchet. When getting sockets, make sure you get one that will fit your lug nuts. 
  • You can do almost everything on your Jeep with a wrench, but it is A LOT easier to use a ratchet. A ratchet is a type of wrench that inserts into a socket to turn a nut or bolt. A ratchet lets you pivot it back and forth to turn it’s socket instead of removing and repositioning a wrench to do so.

Ratchet & Sockets

  • Sockets come in deep or shallow well. A deep well socket means the socket itself is longer/deeper. Sockets have “points“ on them, and the more “points” it has, the better grip it will get. 

Deep & Shallow Well Socket

  • Philips head and flathead screwdrivers


  • Hammer. Hammers can be used on a number of things for your Jeep, like disconnecting your sway bars!


  • Rubber mallet

Rubber Mallet

  • Needle nose pliers

Needle Nose Pliers

  • Channel lock pliers

Channel Lock Pliers

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