101 Getting Started Manual

101 Getting Started Manual

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Snag your Jeepin' In A Weekend 101 MANUAL now!


After going through this manual, you’ll improve your skills and knowledge to feel confident when you head out on your next trail ride....or jump into a conversation about Jeeps.

Tools & Safety Equipment you need to have in your Jeep and to work on your Jeep. Build your gear back and tool box with what you really need!

What you NEED to know when you get to an event or trail ride to set you up for a successful & Positve experience. Plus the Trail Etiquette and unwritten rules of the trail.

Breakdowns of HOW and WHEN to use your 4 Wheel Drive, Lockers in depth, Ground Clearance and Driving tips for different type of terrain.

Your Pre-Trail Ride Checklist that you need to do everytime before you head down the trail. With in depth of HOW to Air Down your Tires, Disconnect Your Sway Bar and WHY.

Winch & Recovery safety and the basics so you have the confidence to recovery yourself or someone when it is needed.



General 101

The overview and general information you need to know. We start with the biggest mistakes I see people make and how YOU can avoid making those same mistakes. Break down the most common terminology you will hear when out on a trail or talking to others about Jeeps. PLUS what tools and safety equipment you need in your Jeep right away.

Trail Riding 101

The trail rules and etiquette you need to know if you are out driving off-road. How and What questions to ask when you get to a new park or a trail ride with others, to ensure you have a successful experience. Go in depth on your pre-trail ride checklist as well as HOW and WHY to Air down your tires, disconnect your sway bar and an in depth breakdown of what the Beadlock wheel is.

Driving Off-Road 101

How and When to use your 4 Wheel Drive including Low vs. High. Breakdowns on how 4 wheel drive works, using lockers and understanding a spotters role. Build your skills with understanding ground clearance, driving in different types of terrain and safety to always remember.

Winch and Recovery Basics

What recovery equipment you need as well as how to use it. Safety for winching for you and others around you. A breakdown on how to do a straight line recovery, as well as using a snatch block basics.

BONUS - Protection for Your Jeep

Different options for you to keep your Jeep safe. Know what you can do and what choices you have in added protection for your Jeep.